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I'm Truly Sorry! 

I am incredibly sorry that you were not happy with your experience with Monocle Entertainment. The quality of my work and the experiences my customers have are the most important aspects of my business and again I apologize for not meeting your expectations. If you wouldn't mind, please give me a description of the problems you experienced and how I could have made your experience a better one. I may not be able to go back and change anything, but I am always hungry to learn from my mistakes and grow my business into one that satisfies every customer every time. 

Please note that none of the fields are required. If you would like to submit your problems anonymously you may do so but if you provide your name and contact information, I will reach out to you and do my best to make things right. Hopefully I can improve and you would consider me for another event in the future. 

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Thanks for submitting! If you provided contact information, I will be back in touch as soon as possible!

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