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Monocle Spotlight (Oct 11-13)

Welcome to the newest type of article to the Monocle Blog called, the Monocle Spotlight.

In this section, I will be choosing 2 or 3 live music events coming up the following weekend that I am particularly interested in and feel deserves a little more attention. I want to be clear that I'm not saying that these bands/shows are better than any others. These are just bands/shows that I hold a particular interest in and want to discuss.

Mosaic Foundation - The Range - October 12th - 9 PM

First up, I would like to highlight Mosaic Foundation's 10 year anniversary show at The Range tomorrow, October 12th, starting at 9 PM! To be able to keep a band together and functioning for 10 years BLOWS my mind. I've been in bands and let me tell you, it can be very difficult to keep everyone agreeing and wanting the same things. What they have been able to pull off is incredible! I actually just wrote an article for the Ithaca Times on this show, so I'll be brief. If you'd like to read more about the show, click this link: Ten Years of Reggae: Mosaic Foundation celebrates their aluminum anniversary

The Woodshed Prophets/Uncle Shake/Elijah Summers - The Redbarn at Danville Springs - Oct 13 - 6 PM

A great schedule of music all in one gorgeous venue! I have had the pleasure of working with all 3 bands before in the past and can tell you that you're not going to find more variety than at this show! Nor will you find a show at a more interesting venue. The Redbarn is a beautiful rustic venue with plenty of room to dance and party. They frequently host live music and you can even rent the place out for a wedding or other functions.

The Woodshed Prophets are from Sidney, NY and they are a "quartet of bearded wild men, hell-bent on world domination or self-destruction, whichever comes first. The Prophets play primarily original material, a unique blend of rock and country (or "power twang" as they've been tagged by friends and fans)." according to their EPK. Having run sound for them in the past, I can tell you that "power twang" is the PERFECT description of this band. They bring country flavored sounds smashed into rock 'n' roll. Along with their group vocals, they bring a great show to the stage!

Uncleshake will also be sharing their talents with Deposit, NY this Saturday. I have also worked with running sound for Uncleshake a couple of times in the past as well. They are good guys who come together to make a very unique sound. Primarily bringing an upbeat acoustic sound, they combine of bluegrass and folk type sounds with Jake Hoag's gravely voice to bring you what they like to call "rag-rock" music.

Last but certainly not least, Elijah Summers will be bringing his singer/song writer skills to the stage on Saturday. The talented young musician is only 20 years old, but you wouldn't guess that from his skills! He often plays a baritone electric guitar during solo sets which adds a different element than you are used to seeing. Elijah is also one heck of a bass player when he's not playing guitar!

Check the Facebook link here for more information: Back at the Red Barn!

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